Thursday, 23 April 2015

Books, Books, Books..

To say I LOVE to read would be an understatement, I can read anything and everything from science fiction to dystopian, autobiography's to romantic novellas. I can get my head into it all, I find it very relaxing and love to be gripped to the latest book on my shelf.. storing them on the other hand I do not love. However there is just something about holding a book, weirdly smelling the pages of a new novel and then being so careful not to bend the pages back to far. I'm very picky about how my books are treated, perhaps sounds a little petty but I like most like to look after my belongings and I don't think books are just meant to be read once.
My latest read came by as a bit of a surprise, from a lovely new rising author, I think this is how she should be considered. After finding out about her book through the notorious Facebook pages, I contacted her for information on any other releases she had made. I was then sent a very polite message and a link to a novella based around a post apocalyptic setting. The story starts out about a young girl who has survived an outbreak of the flu, after loosing her parents she is left alone to survive and find her way to a safe haven. Not wanting to give to much away, it then continues and the conclusion becomes clear. But like all my favourite authors the spin at the end is my favourite part, just when you think you've read the ending something happens and that Cinderella fairy tale ending isn't all it seems. 

Lisa Jade is of course the author I am talking about, and the story is " The Bout". Give it a read here: . A young aspiring new author in the making, Lisa (22) writes mainly post-apocalyptic fiction, Sci Fi and Dystopian settings. Based here in the UK, Lisa finds writing lets her imagination come to the page, favouring strong female leads making her a big hit with myself who also likes a strong female front character. After giving this one a read and not being able to come away from it I will certainly be giving her debut novel " The Hit" a read. "The Hit" can be found at Waterstones or here: online.

If "The Bout" wasnt gripping enough, I found myself searching the pages of Lisa's website for more and came across "With a whisper". A 1,200 word short that also had me hooked and wanting more!

I favour books with a dystopian setting and love the Uglies series, Divergent and the Gone series. I sometimes get too attached to a book and find that reading in the bath can be a problem when it comes to not realising the waters run cold?!.. Tell me other people have this problem or is it just me?!. 

Anyway, once I have my hands on this latest book I will be sure to place my review here for you all to read and comment on. If you have already read this book please do comment below and let me know what you think.

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